Round 4 – Cleantech Innovations for Natural Gas Production

The Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) issues call for funding applications for innovation in “Natural Gas Production” stream. NGIF is making up to $3 million (CAD) in reimbursable grant funding available to advance cleantech solutions that will create value, advance operational excellence and mitigate environmental impacts in the production of natural gas in Canada. NGIF is offering up to $1 million (CAD) per project, and as much as 25% of a project’s eligible expenses.The deadline for submissions of NGIF’s Investment Intake Stage 1- Investor Deck is 3PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5h), February 13, 2019.

Should you Apply? – Answer “Yes” to all the below criterion:

Is the innovation pre-commercial for the natural gas market? Y/N
Is the innovation unique and directed towards improving environmental performance, creating value, generating greater affordability and enhanced resiliency? Y/N
Is the applicant incorporated (domestic/international)? Y/N
Is the technology currently at stage of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7‐9? Y/N
Is the project a demonstration and/or deployment project? Y/N
Does the project have Canadian context? Is the Project demonstration and deployment planned in Canada? Y/N
Is the IP protected? Y/N

How to Apply:

Round 4 applicants should follow these steps to apply

  • Step 1
    Applicants shall submit the registration form for “Round 4 – Cleantech Innovations for Natural Gas Production” using the “Request for Round 4 Applicant’s Guide” button below.
  • Step 2
    The Investor Deck template along with corresponding documents (applicant guidelines document, consent to disclosure of information, and project eligible expenses and cost instructions) will be available for download upon successful submission of registration form. Applicant shall download the “Round 4 Applicant’s Guide” online.
  • Step 3
    Round 4 applicants must submit their Investor Deck with all supporting documents to [email protected]. Last date for submission is 3PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5h), February 13, 2019.

Please consult the instructions and requirements in the applicant guidelines document and project eligible expenses and cost instructions to submit a successful Investor Deck. For proper evaluation of a submission, applicants must ensure that their Investor Deck includes all information required.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions for this competitive call and their answers are now available.

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