i2 Hybrid Smart Furnace (approved round 0 project)
The i2 Hybrid Smart Furnace (HSF) has a unique patented system that uses natural gas to generate both heat and electricity for use in the home; a first of its kind. Built in Canada for the North American market, the self-powered i2 HSF will be ideal for retrofit and new construction standard ductwork, ready-to-install as a replacement for traditional residential natural gas furnaces with no extra connections. The production of both heat and electricity will give the i2 a distinct advantage over conventional high-efficiency furnaces as it will provide critical power supply during a power outage while boasting an overall efficiency that is greater than any traditional high-efficiency furnace.

This project aims to help develop the i2 technology for certification of three prototype devices. Upon certification, the certified i2 HSF will be deployed to pilot sites for the 2018/2019 heating season. This project will serve to validate the technical performance of the furnace and secure certification required for commercialization in 2019.

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