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NextGrid’s development of a multi-residential/small commercial combined heat and power (CHP) system, which uses turbine and combustion technologies, aims to achieve up to 50 per cent higher fuel efficiency than existing water heaters.

NextGrid’s Round 0 project will test and confirm the performance of a micro-CHP system while subjected to a variety of thermal/ power loads and conditions. It will utilize a micro-CHP system developed by NextGrid. The system is able to generate 5-30kWel / 30-150kWth energy and is intended for installation in multi residential/small commercial buildings.

NextGrid’s Round 1 project will develop an affordable CHP system for the residential market. The CHP system will be based on NextGrid’s Round 0 commercial CHP technology with the following notable changes:

  • Dry condenser technology will be used instead of a traditional water-based condenser.
  • A smaller sized heat exchanger will be used.