Investment Process

The Natural Gas Innovation Fund offers a de-risking funding model of Intake, Evaluation and Management:

Intake Stage – Investor Decks are actively solicited from prospective applicants in order to gauge eligibility and make an initial technology assessment. This will be done through continuous intake models, collaborative funding models with other organizations in Canada or internationally, focused global funding calls, challenges and final prize type solicitations, and partnering with universities, incubators and accelerators.

Evaluation Stage – Investment Proposals are developed with short-listed applicants from the intake stage that satisfy NGIF’s goals of emission reduction, creating value, affordability and resiliency. The evaluation also includes a consensus meeting with the Innovation Committee to discuss projects, a site visit to the applicant’s facility, and an opportunity for the applicant to pitch their project to industry funders at the consensus meeting. The final step is an Investment Committee funding approval meeting.

Management Stage – Contribution Agreements are negotiated with recipients of approved funding and is managed over the life of the project through disbursements at key milestones.