Natural Gas Cleantech Profiled at Clean Energy Ministerial-Mission Innovation

Vancouver, BC
May 27, 2019

The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF), along with their respective members and investors, are pleased to participate in the Innovation Showcase at the Clean Energy Ministerial -Mission Innovation (CEM10/MI-4) in Vancouver, BC.

We have officially opened our 600 square foot state-of-the-art facility entitled Cleantech for Canada’s Natural Gas Pavilion to the global community at CEM/MI.  Over the course of the event, we will demonstrate how CGA utilities, NGIF producer and utility investors, and cleantech companies with solutions for natural gas are active in clean technology development.

Canadian companies are developing a host of innovative cleantech solutions for natural gas applications that can help reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, create more resilient energy systems, and maintain what is all important for customers: energy affordability.  Visit our pavilion – #306 – to see these companies and their technologies and follow us on Twitter @CGA_ACG and @NGIFund for updates.

For governments around the world, advancing the development of clean energy policy and clean technology solutions is a growing priority. Canada’s natural gas industry has consistently delivered on that priority, meeting the sustainable energy needs of customers for over a hundred years. At a time of unprecedented growth in natural gas production and use in Canada and around the world, our industry sees the opportunity to take the natural gas advantage to more and more customers.

Making sure that growth occurs while delivering on environmental and economic priorities is front and centre for Canada’s industry, and we are delighted to have this opportunity to show this at CEM10/MI-4. As the largest energy-cleantech event of its kind in Canada this year including 25 countries, CEM10/MI-4 is an occasion to demonstrate that innovation in the natural gas industry at home and abroad will deliver clean affordable energy to the world. 


“Canadian natural gas distribution companies have a long history of driving energy efficiency and clean technology innovation, all while maintaining an extraordinary affordability advantage for our customers. We are proud to have the opportunity to showcase our leadership across the country and across the value chain and how we can support clean growth in Canada and abroad.”

Timothy M Egan
President and CEO
Canadian Gas Association

“The Natural Gas Innovation Fund, its investors from the natural gas value chain, and its portfolio of clean technologies advancing the development of lower emission natural gas continue to accelerate the right innovation forward to support clean energy growth in Canada, and abroad. We welcome the CEM10/MI-4 delegation of ministers and high-level government delegates from 25 countries, as well as senior officials and leaders from international organizations and industry to our Cleantech for Canada’s Natural Gas Pavilion.”

John Adams
Managing Director
Natural Gas Innovation Fund

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About CGA

The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada’s natural gas distribution industry and its members are distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers.  Natural gas has a central place in Canada’s energy mix meeting 35 per cent of the country’s energy needs.  Today, over 7 million customers representing two-thirds of Canadians rely on natural gas for heat and power in homes, apartments, buildings, businesses, hospitals and schools.

About Natural Gas Innovation Fund

The Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) was created by the Canadian Gas Association to support the funding of cleantech innovation in natural gas. NGIF fills a technology development gap in the sector and invests in innovation led by cleantech start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises enabling natural gas solutions for current and emerging challenges facing Canada’s energy system.

About Natural Gas

Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) forecasts that natural gas will surpass refined petroleum products to become our largest energy source by 2040.   Similarly, the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts global natural gas demand will increase by 43 per cent over the same time period, an increase they expect to be enabled in large part by its affordability, environmental performance and innovative advancements in the sector.

Pavilion Partners:

ATCO Gas Ltd., AltaGas Utilities Inc., Enbridge Gas Inc., Énergir, FortisBC Energy Inc., Manitoba Hydro, Pacific Northern Gas Ltd., SaskEnergy, Birchcliff Energy Ltd., Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Chevron Canada Limited, Perpetual Energy Inc., PETRONAS Energy Canada Ltd., Shell Canada Energy, and Tourmaline Oil Corp.

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Annik Aubry
Director, Communications and Social Media
Canadian Gas Association
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