The Natural Gas Innovation Fund Announces Funding to Support Carbon Upcycling Technologies’ Carbon-Dioxide Utilization Technology

OTTAWA, ON (January 13, 2021) The Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) announced today an investment of $200,000 in Carbon Upcycling Technologies’ (CUT) development and evaluation of a carbon-capture membrane unit. During this one-year project, CUT will design and commission this technology to evaluate its cost-effectiveness in removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gas emissions.

CUT, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre, was formed to use the emissions of today to build the materials of tomorrow by converting CO2 gas into solid products. Through its portfolio of CO2-derived solid nanoparticles, CUT has technically validated its solutions for use in plastics, coatings, epoxy, concrete industries, and consumer products.

Through the project with NGIF, CUT is developing a novel, low-energy carbon-capture membrane technology that has the potential to cost-effectively capture CO2 from emissions at the source, such as power plants, cement kilns, and steel smelters, to name a few examples. This membrane has been identified as a viable CO2 capture technology that allows for continuous separation of CO2 from a flue gas stream and can be used in small-scale systems such as boilers and heaters in commercial or residential buildings.

“NGIF’s funding support has allowed Carbon Upcycling Technologies to advance and de-risk its technology for a variety of potential users,” said Apoorv Sinha, CEO and Co-Founder, CUT.

“NGIF is excited to be working with the dynamic team at Carbon Upcycling, in order to support the advancement of their carbon-capture technology that reduces the CO2 from natural gas emissions and converts it into a suite of solutions for use by a variety of industries,” said John Adams, Managing Director, NGIF. “These types of projects add value and strengthen the competitive advantage of natural gas.”

The natural gas utilities providing funding support through NGIF to this project include ATCO, Enbridge Gas Inc., FortisBC, Pacific Northern Gas Ltd., and SaskEnergy.

According to CUT’s estimates, its carbon-capture membrane technology has the potential to reduce CO2e in Canada by 3.3 MT to 4.1 MT by 2030. Following this project, CUT will assess opportunities to commercialize a modular CO2-capture unit that can address small-scale natural gas combustion units. CUT estimates that for such small-scale opportunities, the cost of capture from the membrane technology would be around $150 CAD/MT.

“CCUS is a growing priority in the natural gas sector. Carbon Upcycling’s technology is an exciting example of it, one that shows how innovation can be applied to the existing energy system to meet environmental policy objectives without undermining the even bigger policy priority of affordable, reliable energy delivery for customers.” said Timothy Egan, President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association. “I am excited to track the progress of this company’s important work.”

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About Carbon Upcycling Technologies:
Carbon Upcycling Technologies, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre, was formed to use the pollution of today to build the materials of tomorrow by converting CO2 gas into solid products. At Carbon Upcycling Technologies, everything we do is geared towards a goal of creating a circular economy. We envision the future of urban living as ushering in the carbon age.

Carbon UpCycling construction phase of their commercial demonstration unit at the Alberta Carbon Capture Conversion Technology Center

About the Natural Gas Innovation Fund:
NGIF is an industry-led, industry-funded, granting organization created by the Canadian Gas Association that seeks to accelerate cleantech innovation in the production, pipeline transmission, and end-use of natural gas. In doing so, we aim to improve the environmental and economic performance of all in the sector. Our belief is that affordable, reliable, environmentally sound natural gas is a foundational fuel for Canada’s long-term well-being.

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