Natural Gas Innovation Fund Announces Funding to Support the Demonstration of Biogas Cleanup Technology that Creates Renewable Natural Gas at Landfills

December 2, 2019
Vancouver, BC
Natural Gas Innovation Fund

The Natural Gas Innovation Fund announces today a total investment of $265,532 in the pilot-scale demonstration of Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc.’s proprietary C3P gas clean-up technology. This is in partnership with the project co-funders including BC Bioenergy Network (BCBN) with $1,500,000 of funding and Western Economic Diversification (WED) with $1,100,000 of funding.

The C3P technology will produce clean renewable natural gas (RNG) by taking biogas, derived from raw landfill waste from the City of Vancouver’s landfill facility, and turning it into clean energy. The four-step process removes contaminants through a system of condensation, conversion, capture, and polishing. Once the process is complete, Quadrogen plans to inject the clean RNG into FortisBC’s system for delivery to homes, business and industries across British Columbia.

Quadrogen’s technology reduces the risk of breakdown and subsequent equipment degradation or failure during the contaminant conversion and capture phase, minimizes gas treatment costs, and produces RNG, a clean energy product.

Greater production of RNG is a cost-effective way to help meet Canada’s emission reduction targets. By investing in the development of targeted cleantech companies and their technologies for the production of RNG, there is an opportunity to diversify Canada’s energy mix and deliver strong environmental and economic performance across the country.

Since 2016, the Canadian natural gas delivery industry has been working towards an aspirational target of five per cent RNG-blended natural gas in the pipeline distribution system by 2025 and 10 per cent by 2030. Investments in technology like Quadrogen’s are key to achieving this target.


“Modular and scalable by design, this technology is a cost‐effective solution that delivers on even the most stringent industry needs. We are thrilled to have The Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) and its investors contribute towards the project which will help Quadrogen procure long lead equipment and help us bring this product to market.”

Alakh Prasad
President and CEO
Quadrogen Power Systems Inc

“This project is a first-of-its-kind in the world, using Quadrogen’s equipment to purify landfill gas into renewable gas that energizes a fuel cell to produce electricity, heat, hydrogen fuel, and carbon dioxide for a greenhouse. On behalf of the board of Directors, BCBN is proud to fund low-carbon BC innovation to facilitate deployment in international markets.”

Scott Stanners
Executive Director
BC Bioenergy Network

What I really like about Quadrogen’s solution is its ability to use clean technology to lower landfill gas contaminants to levels we haven’t seen to date. This will support a sustainable supply of feedstock for the production of renewable natural gas supply in Canada.”

John Adams
Managing Director,
Natural Gas Innovation Fund

“Natural gas supply is continuing to grow across Canada because of ever-increasing traditional and renewable natural gas development opportunities. CGA believes NGIF investments in companies like Quadrogen are key to ensuring the continued availability of a clean and affordable energy option for Canadian energy consumers.”

Timothy M. Egan
President and CEO
Canadian Gas Association

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Quick Facts About RNG

  • RNG is natural gas produced from organic waste from farms, forests, landfills, and water treatment plants.
  • The waste gas is captured, cleaned, and injected in the natural gas pipeline infrastructure to be delivered and used in the same way and with the same equipment/appliances as natural gas by homes, businesses, institutions, industry, and transportation fleets.
  • Harnessing even 10 per cent of Canada’s RNG potential would generate enough clean energy to heat 1 million Canadian homes for a year.

About Quadrogen Power Systems

Quadrogen is a Canadian cleantech company that builds customized biogas clean-up systems that allow waste water treatment plants, landfills, agricultural digesters and power generation facilities to turn waste biogas into clean energy. As well, the company offers world-class engineering and design services for feasibility studies, custom manufacturing, and development programs.

About NGIF

NGIF was created by the Canadian Gas Association to support the funding of cleantech innovation in natural gas. NGIF fills a technology development gap in the sector and invests in innovation led by cleantech start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises enabling natural gas solutions for current and emerging challenges facing Canada’s energy system. 

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