CALGARY, AB (August 02, 2022) NGIF Industry Grants, a division of NGIF Capital Corporation, is supporting the demonstration of Etalim Inc.’s (ETALIM) ultra-reliable remote power Genset. This funding will support the field testing of ETALIM’s thermoacoustic Genset at a remote oil and gas wellhead site in Alberta and demonstrate the production of reliable on-site electricity. The generated electricity will help reduce wellhead methane emissions by up to 98 per cent.

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ETALIM has developed an ultra-reliable 1kWe thermoacoustic Genset ideal for remote power use. It has no sliding or rotating parts and is thus ultra-reliable and maintenance-free. It can burn field gas fuel as it is an external heat input device that is not very sensitive to fuel impurities. This Genset will be a cost-effective solution for single to multi-well pads, unlocking a substantial reduction in methane emissions through supplying reliable power. It reduces emissions by allowing methane venting pneumatic wellhead controls to be driven by compressed air or replaced by electrified wellhead controls.

Etalim's TAC (thermoacoustic converter) system. TM (thermal module) with the burner (left) and GM (generator module.)

Image: Etalim’s TAC (thermoacoustic converter) system. TM (thermal module) with the burner (left) and GM (generator module.)

This is NGIF’s first industry grant to ETALIM. “We have a high interest in supporting technologies that curtail methane emissions, and ETALIM’s remote power Genset provides an effective solution at a low cost,” said John Adams, President and CEO of NGIF Capital Corporation. “NGIF Industry Grants and its focus on start-ups de-risking their clean technologies through field trials and pilots are part of NGIF’s integrated model of industry validation, customer creation, and market commercialization.

During the project, ETALIM and its project partner Spartan Controls will collaborate to build and integrate the required balance of plant components and run a field test of the Genset at a natural gas wellhead in Alberta. “We are very excited about the potential of our remote power Genset to offer substantial methane emission reductions while decreasing costs for our customers,” says ETALIM’s CEO, Maarten Elferink.

“It is exciting to see NGIF supporting technologies like Etalim’s remote power Genset. Their technology will provide reliable power while reducing emissions at a low cost,” said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association and Chair, NGIF Capital Corporation, which operates NGIF Industry Grants. “When we created NGIF, it was our vision to bring the entire natural gas value chain together to support cleantech development that enhances environmental and economic performance for the sector. I am glad to see our vision in action,” he added.

About NGIF Industry Grants
NGIF Industry Grants is a first-of-kind, industry-led grant organization to fund early-stage startups developing solutions to environmental and other challenges facing Canada’s natural gas sector. NGIF Industry Grants develops, demonstrates, and de-risks these technology solutions through field trials and pilot projects to drive innovation and support environmental goals in Canada. NGIF Industry Grants’ investment focus is on existing natural gas production, transmission, distribution, storage, and end-use applications, as well as projects that will lead to the expanded production of emerging gaseous fuels like renewable natural gas and hydrogen. The organization has built a portfolio of startups, trusted partnerships with the government for co-funding opportunities, and a robust technical evaluation investment model. NGIF Industry Grants is operated by NGIF Capital Corporation.

About NGIF Capital Corporation
NGIF Capital Corporation is a Canadian venture capital (VC) firm offering grant and equity financing for startups that deliver solutions to the environmental and other challenges facing the natural gas sector. NGIF Capital Corporation is unique in how it brings Canada’s energy industry leadership to every investment. Like other VCs, it takes new companies and their ideas from concept to commercialization. Unlike other VCs, NGIF Capital Corporation has strong connections to every part of the gas value chain, from production through to end-use, offering it a means to test, develop, and accelerate the commercial implementation of innovative gas technology wherever it fits in the sector. The model benefits consumers, investors, and Canadian society as a whole. NGIF Capital Corporation operates NGIF Industry Grants (the original Natural Gas Innovation Fund), the NGIF Emissions Testing Centre, and NGIF Cleantech Ventures. NGIF Capital Corporation is wholly owned by CGA Enterprises, a venture of the Canadian Gas Association.

ETALIM Inc. (ETALIM) is a Canadian corporation headquartered in Burnaby, BC. Its mission is to use the ultra-reliable 1kWe TAC (Thermo Acoustic Convertor) genset technology to significantly reduce CO2e emissions. Etalim’s ultra-reliable and ultra-low maintenance genset is ideal for deployment in the Canadian oil and gas industry to cost-effective electrify wellhead controls and significantly reduce methane emissions. Each installed genset has the potential to reduce C02e emissions by ~600 tonnes CO2e annually if fully utilized.

About CGA
The Canadian Gas Association is the voice of Canada’s natural gas delivery industry. Its membership includes natural gas distribution and transmission companies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers to the industry. Our utility members are active in eight provinces and one territory and meet 35 per cent of Canadians’ energy needs through a network of over 566,000 kilometers of underground infrastructure. This infrastructure can also be used to deliver renewable gases including renewable natural gas and hydrogen, in order to contribute to Canada’s greenhouse gas emission reductions. Today, over 7.2 million customer locations representing approximately two-thirds of Canadians, rely on natural gas for clean, affordable, and reliable heating and power. CGA owns CGA Enterprises, which in turn owns NGIF Capital Corporation.

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Fund Information:

John Adams
President and CEO, NGIF Capital Corporation
Managing Partner, NGIF Cleantech Ventures

Media  Information:

Ayoola Ajibare
Communications Coordinator, NGIF Capital Corporation
(403) 389-2212

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