NGIF Announces Funding to Support the First Office Building in Edmonton Completely Disconnected from the Electrical Grid.

March 22, 2019
Edmonton, Alberta
Natural Gas Innovation Fund

Today, the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) announces an investment of $95,000 in Effect Home Builders’ newly renovated energy retrofit office space in Edmonton, Alberta, certified by Mike Holmes’ Holmes Approved Homes program.

Funding from NGIF will support Effect Home Builders to showcase and demonstrate how this 1940’s-era commercial building in Edmonton was retrofitted using clean technologies and natural gas together to create an ultra-energy efficient office space disconnected from the electrical grid, with lower costs, lower GHG emissions and certified by Mike Holmes’ Holmes Approved Homes.

Effect Home Builders is using economically competitive clean technology systems and products to reduce operating costs and its overall environmental footprint to take this commercial building “beyond business as usual” to be one of the most efficient commercial office spaces in the city.

Wondering how an off-grid building energy retrofit works? As follows: ATCO provides natural gas to the building. Effect Home Builders undertakes a retrofit with an integration of clean technology systems that build on that natural gas supply:

  • First, two Aisin 1.5kW micro-CHP units generating electric power and heat.
  • Second, six lithium ion smart batteries (6.6kWH each) support the electrical demands of the building.
  • Third, a 4.8kW photovoltaic solar panel system installed generating electric power by converting energy from the sun.
  • Finally, a BASF HP+ wall system using WALLTITE® Spray Foam insulation and energy-efficient triple glazed windows.

The result is a commercial building operating with lower costs and 80 per cent lower CO2 emissions than the original building produced.

NGIF funding to Effect Home Builders was contributed by NGIF investors ATCO Gas Ltd., Enbridge Gas Inc., FortisBC Energy Inc. and Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.


“This project is very exciting as it is much more than a renovation. It is considered a deep energy retrofit because we are incorporating clean technologies and systems into the building to achieve maximum impact and results.”

Les Wold, Managing Partner, Effect Home Builders

“I love working with Effect Homes, because I know they deliver durable, healthy and energy efficient homes built right the first time. That’s why I partnered with them for my Holmes Approved Homes Program.”

Mike Holmes, President, Holmes Approved Homes

“Effect Home Builders new office space offers a real opportunity to showcase how clean technologies and natural gas can come together in present day to drive both lower GHG emissions while driving costs down in a Canadian commercial building. I am excited for NGIF to support this leading-edge initiative.”

John Adams, Managing Director, Natural Gas Innovation Fund

“I’m excited to see companies such as Effect Home Builders demonstrate how natural gas delivery can be incorporated with a range of other technologies to provide a complete energy solution, promoting efficiency and delivering emission reductions, all while keeping a focus on the importance of access to affordable natural gas.”

Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association

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About Effect Home Builders
Effect Home Builders is a custom home builder based in Edmonton. As a net zero energy builder, they remain a leader of environmentally friendly design by providing the latest, most practical green solutions.

About Holmes Approved Homes
The Holmes Approved Homes Program by Mike Holmes is about integrating the right building products with the right technology, using the right practices to build you a home that goes beyond residential standards, from construction to final inspection. Effect Home Builders is proud to be certified by Mike Holmes’ Holmes Approved Homes program.

About Natural Gas Innovation Fund
NGIF was created by the Canadian Gas Association to support the funding of cleantech innovation in natural gas. NGIF fills a technology development gap in the sector and invests in innovation led by cleantech start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises enabling natural gas solutions for current and emerging challenges facing Canada’s energy system. 

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