OTTAWA, ON (August 20, 2021) NGIF Capital Corporation, Canada’s first venture capital firm offering a hybrid investment and market-validation platform for cleantech startups, today announced that its President and CEO, John Adams, has been recognized as a 2021 World Biz Magazine’s Global Top 100 Innovation CEO. The awards celebrate exceptional business leaders globally who are making a significant mark on their industries.

“We received over 40,000 entries for this year’s awards. To be selected in the top three of our 100 winners is a reflection of John Adams’ success as an innovation-driver reshaping the venture capital and cleantech industry,” said Mike Walters, Editor in Chief of World Biz Magazine. “NGIF Capital Corporation’s approach to cleantech investments with industry validation and customer creation has the potential to reshape the future of natural gas.”

Deeply rooted in the cleantech, finance, and energy ecosystem, Adams was hired by the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) in 2016, where he helped create the first-of-kind, industry-led granting project, the Natural Gas Innovation Fund, supporting early-stage startups developing solutions to environmental and other challenges facing Canada’s natural gas sector.

In April 2021, CGA moved the original NGIF project into a new independent wholly-owned vehicle, NGIF Capital Corporation, under Adams as President and CEO. In addition to the granting project which is now known as NGIF Industry Grants, Adams helped create and launch NGIF Cleantech Ventures, a venture capital fund which has thus far raised $50 million. Adams also helped create and launch a new facility, the $35 million NGIF Emissions Testing Centre, for startups to validate their solutions in a live gas operations environment.

“I am truly thankful to be selected as #3 of the World Biz Magazine Top 100 Innovation CEOs of 2021,” said John, “It is an honour to be in the distinguished ranks of the other innovation CEOs and is a testament to the hard work and vision of CGA, the NGIF team, our investors, and the startups we support.”

“John is a recognized leader in building partnerships to leverage and advance cleantech investments,” said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association and Chair of NGIF Capital Corporation. “John’s focus and tireless efforts have been instrumental in helping the natural gas sector expand its commitment to innovation.”

Adams’ vision is to invest in leading cleantech companies and help grow them so their solutions can be commercialized quickly in the energy market, meeting energy needs and creating significant returns. Under his leadership, NGIF has over 50 startup projects in its portfolio.

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About NGIF Capital Corporation
NGIF Capital Corporation is a Canadian venture capital (VC) firm offering grant and equity financing for startups that deliver solutions to the environmental and other challenges facing the natural gas sector. NGIF Capital Corporation is unique in how it brings Canada’s energy industry leadership to every investment. Like other VCs, it takes new companies and their ideas from concept to commercialization. Unlike other VCs, NGIF Capital Corporation has strong connections to every part of the gas value chain, from production through to end-use, offering it a means to test, develop, and accelerate the commercial implementation of innovative gas technology wherever it fits in the sector. The model benefits consumers, investors, and Canadian society as a whole. NGIF Capital Corporation operates NGIF Industry Grants (the original Natural Gas Innovation Fund), the NGIF Emissions Testing Centre, and NGIF Cleantech Ventures. NGIF Capital Corporation is wholly owned by CGA Enterprises, a venture of the Canadian Gas Association.

About CGA
The Canadian Gas Association is the voice of Canada’s natural gas delivery industry. Its membership includes natural gas distribution and transmission companies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers to the industry. Our utility members are active in eight provinces and one territory and meet 35 per cent of Canadians’ energy needs through a network of over 566,000 kilometers of underground infrastructure. This infrastructure can also be used to deliver renewable gases including renewable natural gas and hydrogen, in order to contribute to Canada’s greenhouse gas emission reductions. Today, over 7.2 million customer locations representing approximately two-thirds of Canadians, rely on natural gas for clean, affordable, and reliable heating and power. CGA owns CGA Enterprises, which in turn owns NGIF Capital Corporation.

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