Natural Gas Innovation Fund Helps New Home Furnace Technology Move Closer to Commercialization

September 06, 2018
Ottawa, Ontario

The Natural Gas Innovation FundTM (NGIF) announced today that iGEN Technologies Inc.’s home furnace technology has successfully advanced through a key milestone in product testing.

In 2017, NGIF announced an investment of $165,000 into a project lead by iGEN Technologies Inc. to support the testing, validation, and demonstration of a self-powered natural gas furnace named the i2 Hybrid Smart Furnace (HSF).  We are pleased to announce the iGEN i2 HFS’s performance has been evaluated at three testing centres for prototype validation and certificate preparation. In addition, NGIF’s funding has also helped iGEN to expand their facility capacity and create jobs with two new full-time employees.  iGEN is now turning its attention to the remaining part of its project including prototype certification and manufacturing protocol.

The i2 HSF has a unique patented system that uses natural gas to generate both heat and electricity for use in the home; a first of its kind.  Built in Canada for the North American market, the self-powered i2 HSF will be ideal for retrofit and new construction standard ductwork, ready-to-install as a replacement for traditional residential natural gas furnaces with no extra connections.  The production of both heat and electricity will give the i2 a distinct advantage over conventional high-efficiency furnaces as it will provide critical power supply during a power outage while boasting an overall efficiency that is greater than any traditional high-efficiency furnace.

With solar and battery integration, the i2 HSF will provide even more energy freedom, flexible applications in micro-grids, sustainable community developments, along with a much needed solution for remote areas. Based on average Canadian electricity costs, typical savings for a household using an i2 HSF are projected to be up to $400 annually compared to a conventional furnace.

NGIF funding to iGEN was contributed by NGIF and the Canadian Gas Association’s (CGA) member companies, ATCO, FortisBC, Pacific Northern Gas Inc. and SaskEnergy.  Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. is also contributing to the project through Utilization Technology Development NFP, a research funding organization partnership with other gas utilities. CGA member company Énergir has also contributed to this project.

iGEN Technologies Inc. has also received funding to support development of the i2 HSF’s technology from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), BLOOM, and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).

Natural gas has a central place in Canada’s energy mix meeting over 34 per cent of the country’s energy needs.  Today almost seven million customers representing well over 20 million Canadians rely on natural gas for heat and power in homes, apartments, buildings, businesses, hospitals and schools.

 NGIF iGEN Technologies Project Funders


“The home furnace has not seen a breakthrough industry change that can keep up with the fast pace of North America’s changing energy needs – until now. The i2 Hybrid Smart Furnace delivers performance, savings, and security through its patented technology while generating, storing and using its own electricity. iGEN believes the i2 will truly revolutionize the existing home comfort platform with enhanced resiliency, emission reduction and lower heating bills.” 

Michael Chatzigrigoriou
iGEN Technologies Inc., CEO and Co-Founder

“We are pleased and excited to see an important milestone reached on the testing of iGEN’s i2 Hybrid Smart Furnace technology. This product will offer sustained heating during a black out complimented by a small emergency electrical power source.”

John Adams
Managing Director, Natural Gas Innovation FundTM

“This technology builds on what Canadian natural gas customers really value and want – affordable, reliable, and clean energy.”

Timothy M. Egan
President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association

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